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Highland’s Budget Challenge

Welcome to our Budget Simulator

The budget simulator is now closed. 

A summary of the results is available on the Highland Council website. 


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Welcome to our Budget Challenge


The last few years have been challenging for Local Government and the financial position for the next 3 years is likely to continue to be that of reducing funds and increasing costs. Our options are to reduce our costs or increase our income or a mixture of both.

We want to know what is important to you and your community to help us to make difficult decisions to balance our budget.

This “Budget Challenge” sets out the main areas of spend for the Council and asks you to prioritise the areas where money is spent and try to balance the budget. It is not possible to include the total Council budget within the Simulator. There are some things that we must do that have fixed costs, but it does include the main areas of spend and most significantly, the areas which affect you most.

The Council cannot spend more than it has and so the budget needs to be balanced. Your target is to reduce the current budget by £23.6m for the next financial year (2019/20). This represents a large part of the savings we need to make. To do this you will need to reduce spending in some areas or increase income in others. If you wish to increase spending, then you will need to reduce spending in other areas.

You will find information about every choice you make and how this may affect the service or people in the community.

This is a challenge and we recognise it is not easy. By taking part in this exercise, it will help us understand your priorities. You will also be able to see the potential impacts and consequences of reducing budget in certain areas and the difficult choices that Councillors have to make.

Please click on Create your Budget to begin and submit your decisions across the different service areas. Please use the navigation buttons within the simulator to move between options. Pressing back on your internet browser before you have submitted your budget may result in your changes being lost.

For more information about the budget setting process and how you can provide your views, you can visit our webpage

The Budget simulator will be open until 30 November 2018